We are Alberto Fratini, musician and producer, and Giulia Lazzarino, singer and dancer. The project Nowhen was born thanks to the collaboration of the two of us. There was love, at first sight, in all aspects, and after we met, the will and the necessity to create something that can put together music and dance had born; something that could allow these two arts to be involved at the same time in the process of creation, expressing their unicity.
From this idea we began to experiment with electronic instruments, acoustic instruments, specific microphones and software, and body; these firsts experiments brought us to the creation and production of some shows where the music came from the movement of the body and dance allowed music to express itself.

In 2017 the project Nowhen definitely took life with the firsts songs and sessions. After some months spent in the studio, in April 2018 our first mini ep “Desert Is The New Land” was out, where electronic sounds are mixed with acoustic ones and samplings (musical objects and instruments).
“Desert Is The New Land” is a mini ep that contains two songs produced and recorded between France/Italy/Uk.

The chance to travel always fascinated both of us, in fact, now we are working on the project “Make Music Around The World.” A project born at the beginning of 2018 after an intuition that means: “To travel around the world to let surprise ourselves from new cultures and costumes and to use the journey as a source of inspiration to compose new music.” New music does not an end in itself, not only to express ourselves but songs that can touch people, can give emotions, can shake them, stimulate them, to inspire them.

At this moment we are in Europe, after traveling for more than one year through South East Asia, engaged in realizing the next ep.