Even if through a website is not the same thing as in person, we want to introduce ourselves, waiting to meet with you one day, maybe during one of our concerts. 😊


Hi! We are Giulia (dancer and singer) and Alberto (musician and composer).
MUSIC, and DANCE, are what we love to do to expose ourselves to the world, to express ourselves, and share our feelings, emotions, and our path with the world.  

We are two human beings that, like all of us, are facing some limits and fears that we are transforming and managing with more and more awareness. Giving the place to openness and joy. Contacting the Love that there is within us.
It is an incredibly deep work… a work about flexibility and listening.
But, after all, if not now, when?

After having worked in many different projects together and not always in music and dance, for many years, in February 2018, we started a journey. After the first month in Zante (a little Greek island), a night dream suggested flying to Bali. And so we did.
We traveled for more than a year through the South East of Asia, starting our project Make Music Around The World.

Experiencesnew friendsthe junglethe smiling local peoplesome sad peoplethe smogthe Vulcanosnakesnew foodsdifferent traditionsa different way to cooknew smellsthe free attitude of the children toward naturethe silencethe iguanathe loud sound of motorbikes... starting to change our perception of Life and of ourselves. Who we really are?

Then we’ve been back in Europe, first in Italy and to be back in our home country was the beginning of another journey.

Be closed again to old costumesto see family and friends after a long time, to get used to some smells again, to assist the death of one of our dearests until almost his last breathto feel the cold of the winterto enjoy the warmth of a fireplacethe Italian language againto see the light of the sun until 9.00 pm! (during summer)... have continued to change and transform our perception of Life.  

So this is the mood: a continuous change
CHANGE… this is really what Life is, anything but stability!

Indeed, we are learning more and more to let Life do her job, and we “simply” to follow her suggestions.