After Bali was the time of exploring Melaka, a lovely and small city in the southwest of the peninsula of Malaysia.
One of the first places attracted us was an old ruined church from Portuguese origin: a familiar element (as European), placed into the fascinating oriental temples’ homeland. There, we filmed a dance video with the marvelous sunrise’s colors.
We wrote and composed many songs in Melaka and one of them (DANCE) between Melaka ad Portugal.
But let’s take a step back. We wanna tell you about how we decided to go from Bali toward Melaka.

As we have disclosed yet, talking about Make Music Around The World, we decided to fly to Bali mainly thanks to a dream.
And after having lived five months between the wild jungle and the ocean, we felt it was time to change the country.
But where?
We weren’t tourists with the desire to visit some famous monuments, even if in every place we’ve been there were beautiful temples and buildings to enjoy. We wanted just to live our life traveling the world and knowing new cultures and people, composing our music, and dance.

Malaysia was attracting us, but we didn’t know which part of the country to explore.
We remembered that there was an Egyptian friend of ours that was working there like a scuba diving instructor, so we asked him to suggest some places to go to.
He wrote to us about some islands and a city called “Melaka.” This name fascinated us so much, and without too many investigations, we booked a homestay in that city.
After a few days, we were in that magical new atmosphere where we saw Sun as we never saw it before.

The Sun in Melaka, August 2018

The first impression we had from people there was the politeness and the precision they put into their way to work and speak, in particular those people that come from Chinese origins. In Malaysia, many cultures and religions coexist together, so it’s easy to perceive and appreciate all the nuances that come out from inhabitants. Shades that create an intensely colored atmosphere.

When you come into contact with people of Indian origin, it is immediately a party. They may even invite you to their wedding, despite it being the first time you meet them. (It happened to us!) They want to make you feel at ease immediately. And this is beautiful. In the first homestay we stayed in, we met a Malaysian family (of Indian origin) who stayed one night in the same house. And a friendship was born. The pathos with which they made us feel at ease is one of the memories that we really carry in our hearts.
Then, you turn the corner, and you enter into the “Chinese shop” managed by some family members. And, if like us, you start to usually go there, just after one month they can hazard to ask you where you come from. But, of course, they are friendly too, simply they need more time. With William (or as we like to call him “uncle William”) was like that. He is a guy and a very good painter that rented us a room; we were the only guests, and it was a perfect place to play our songs all day. Thanks to the long period we stayed there, we could appreciate the more silent aspect of him; in fact, conversations grew longer after some time.

These experiences helped us to stop to get a conclusion after the first impression a person has on us. And this difference of the attitude between people that live in the same country allowed us to try to listen more, to create a deeper connection, independently of the behavior.

Then, we moved from the homestay to a hostel that disposes of a kitchen where it was easy to meet other travelers.
A night we met Andrea: an Italian guy that is traveling through southeast Asia for more than fifteen years. He told us about the way his journey started to change his life, also thanks to some meditation experiences. And we told him about our dream, “Make Music Around The World.”
After some time of talking, he looked at us and said: “… and so, what are you doing here?
That question left us disoriented.
We always said unto that moment that we want to travel and play music, and it was true. But a big part of us was confused and scared. It was trapped in the past and controlled from too many emotions.

We went to sleep, and the day after, Alberto had an illumination.
Of course, the focus was to compose and work on our music project. But, we had ned to do an essential thing there, at that precise moment: to purify ourselves and start a self-observation process. And we understood it after six months of journey in that hostel in Melaka, thanks to that genuine question of our friend Andrea.
And thanks to that realization, the journey took a more specific direction. A direction oriented toward the inner part of us, allowing us to go deeper into the experiences we live in. And also, music and dance weren’t more something we “had to do,” but something we enjoyed to experiment and share.

And now we are happy to share with you “Dance”: we hope you can enjoy the song that we composed between Melaka and the Algarve region in Portugal. For us, this song is an expression of joy, it’s a celebration of every “moons” and “suns” that enlighten our life.

Here you can watch the video: “DANCE, Under The Tree Live Session.”

DANCE, Under The Tree Live Session

Enjoy it! 🙏🏽
And see you in the next article.
Bey! 😊

Ehi! Giulia & Alberto here. 👋🏼
We decided to write articles that are connected to our music to let you go deep inside some of the adventures we live and that inspire our songs.
It won't be a space to explain songs. A song couldn't be explained but just listened with the hearth and with an open mind.
Indeed, this Blog session is a way to create another connection with you by offering you the perspective from which we experience things. The invite is to not judge this with "right-wrong", "good-bad", "beautiful-horrible". Actually, the invite is not to judge at all, if it is possible.
If you can, it would be lovely if you try to read them with openness and check what kind of reflections and feelings they create in you.
And then, if you will want to share with us your sensations, you are welcome to leave us a comment. 😊

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