To let the thought “we are divine” become real for real (and not just a mental definition), we need some experiences that bring us toward the direction of light.
If we authentically thought that we are spiritual beings into a material body, we would let our pure essence lead our way. And we wouldn’t have time for the doubts, the fear, and the distractions.
We would consider this opportunity of Life as a “secret gift, and not as a problem to be solved.
The most important thing we received (and we give) is Life. Perhaps, an excellent way to say thank you for this chance of Life is by honoring this existence, instead of living like robots. And, the most beautiful and powerful way to do this is by living life following our values and inner desires; to follow our path, and learn how to be in our strength. Connected to our center, that it means to our heart.

The so famous sentence of Paulo Cohelo: “Listen to your heart. It knows all things,” is just a romantic sentence?
Or, maybe, it is something to do for real? Something to put in practice?

Some research says that the genetic information in our body represents only 20% of the whole system we are. The 20% is something so important and essential; it gave us that unique color of eyes and that beautiful hair. But the other 80%? It’s up to us.

We are not a replication of our parents, grandparents, and so on. 
We are unique. We came through our parents, the parents that Life chose for us for this human experience, and we received love from them that helped us to grow. To become independent. Even if during childhood, we had troubles, we find our way to bloom. And, thanks to that 80% that is up to us (and this is a beautiful new!), we are into the power to decide the direction of our Life. If we follow our hearts and our intuitions, we are doing something right to celebrate this secret gift.

We have started to notice (thanks to these questions and reflections) that the external world is a reflection of the inner dimension. If there is something that hurts us, as a behavior or a word, it is useless to accuse the person or the situation. To blame is an attitude that takes out of us our strength.
Instead, if we look inside, we can discover a new world. We can create such a deep connection with our bodies and feelings to be able to respond to what happens, wisely.
It is more comfortable and convenient to act like a victim because we fully delegate every aspect of our life to others. To the external words. It is also true that this kind of attitude puts us in the way of self disconnection, far away from our freedom of acting.
So, again: are we honoring Life in this way?

As we wrote in our song “FIRE,” if we see a fire outside (also a metaphoric fire), before to accuse and run away from it, it is essential to turn our look inside. We have to watch if the anger and the sense of injustice we see out resonate with some sufferance in us. In that case, we can do a vast and concrete thing: to embrace the sensation we feel inside, that fire, finding our way to transform it. And stopping to accuse the external world that is merely showing us a side of ourselves, helping us to be conscious of our limits.
We can go beyond our limits just if we have understood that what the world reveals to us is a reflection, is an opportunity to grow. It is a way that Nature has to say to us: “Hey? Hey? Wake up!

With this our new song and video “FIRE, Under The Tree Live Session,” we want to invite you to see differently all the things the world is showing us, by turning the look inside. Maybe if there is something external that hurts us is because we aren’t acting according to our soul, and the world is gently asking us to do something to change.
We can say that there are two ways to live: the first one is by waiting for someone or something that comes to save us from all our “problems.”
The second one is that, first of all, there aren’t “problems” but opportunities, and to live life fully, our thought, words, and acts have to be coherent.
All the small changes we create in “our” world are as a wave that spreads toward the whole world. And more we are connected to our heart, more will be natural to see this union between the inner and the outer.

Enjoy our song “FIRE, Under The Tree Live Session,” and let us know:
Do you think (as we do) that what you see outside reflects what is happening inside of you?
Are you familiar with your sensations? Do you pay attention to listen to them?

Thank you for reading. 🙏🏽
See you.
Bye! 😊

FIRE, Under The Tree Live Session
Ehi! Giulia & Alberto here. 👋🏼
We decided to write articles that are connected to our music to let you go deep inside some of the adventures we live and that inspire our songs.
It won't be a space to explain songs. A song couldn't be explained but just listened with the hearth and with an open mind.
Indeed, this Blog session is a way to create another connection with you by offering you the perspective from which we experience things. The invite is to not judge this with "right-wrong", "good-bad", "beautiful-horrible". Actually, the invite is not to judge at all, if it is possible.
If you can, it would be lovely if you try to read them with openness and check what kind of reflections and feelings they create in you.
And then, if you will want to share with us your sensations, you are welcome to leave us a comment. 😊

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