To compose and to play our music is, for us, a chance to express our feelingsemotions and to be in contact with people. It’s about sharing who we are, and what we learn from life. To give some moments of joy and creativity. To be in dialogue with Life. 
Enjoy our music. 🙏🏽



Bangkok” is our second single of the project Make Music Around The World.
We recorded it between Thailand and Italy, and then Alberto Pozzo Tebani made the mix of the song and Simone Squillario the mastering.
The text of the song was born in a cozy little hostel room (that one you see in this video!) in Bangkok, into the fascinating old part of the city. 
Click down here, so you can listen to it and here to watch the official video.

Where Am I Going?


Where Am I Going?” is our first single of the project Make Music Around The World.
It took life, and it was recorded in our lovely room in Melaka, the city of Malaysia you can see in this video and that we keep in our hearth.
We made some finishing touches in Italy. The mix is by Alberto Pozzo Tebani and the mastering by Simone Squillario.
Click down here to listen to it while watching the official video here.

time and wave, relaxing music composed at 432hz, original music by nowhen

Time and Waves


Time and Waves” is a song composed using the tune 432Hz, “the tune of the Universe.” That tune that, according to our personal experience, involves more naturally the body area of the hearth, allowing us to empathize more with the music we listen. Independently that it is rock music or relaxing music. 
Listen to it on Bandcamp.

desert is the new land, our first mini ep original music by nowhen

Desert is the new land


Desert Is The New Land“: this is our first mini-ep composed and recorded between France and Italy. You can listen to the songs by clicking play down here. 
The mix of the mini-ep was made from NoMad Studio and the master from John Pesche form Abbey Road.
Little after been arrived in Bali, we made a live version of it, so, in a beautiful home in Ubud, we filmed two videos. The first one: “L’eau e l’amour.” And the second one: “Maktub.”