Often it happens that when you are closed to Nature, you perceive the wisdom and the natural beauty that permeate that tree, that flower, that mountain, and that piece of sky you see.
And it often happens also that we, as human beings, want to reach those qualities (wisdom, beauty, and many more) in our Life.
But, if we can consider actual the fact that we, like the trees, the mountains and the ocean are part of the Universe (maybe we are the Universe itself?), we haven’t to reach nothing. Why? Because all the qualities we want to experiment are yet within us.

When we analyze Life, the only thing that can happen is that we become very expert in remembering the names of living beings and the species we are surrounded by. And we lose the chance to be genuinely in contact with Nature, to perceive the abundance that Nature gives us.
Thanks to trees, we can breathe.
Thanks to the Sun, there is Life.

But during our evolution process, we forget this precious connection. A natural connection. And now, if we hug a tree is because we are “freak,” and if we expose ourselves and our skin to the Sun, we are “losing our time.”

Some years ago, we were hugely disconnected from ourselves, and so, as a reflection, from Nature too.
To touch a tree and to feel that what it exhales we inhale and what we exhale it inhales, or to look at a sky full of stars appeared just like some “romantic” things to do.
In fact, even if sometimes we allowed ourselves to be in contact with Nature, we couldn’t feel quite anything.
Why? According to us, because to get a conclusion of something, it was less risky than trying to feel some new emotions and do new experiences exposing ourselves to the “nothingness“. The “nothingness” that Life is but that we don’t see because too busy to calculate and criticize.

Thanks to an experience we lived in Bali, our relationship with Nature started to change, and it is in a state of working progress even now.
We were in Amed, a little village on the east coast of the island very closed to the ocean. We experienced the phenomenon of the earthquake for at least two consequently weeks. The intense episodes were two, but during those weeks every day, there were some tremors. One night, after one of the big shakes, the local people (under the ordinance of the authorities) brought us up on the mountain because there was the tsunami alert. The hill was about five minutes from our place on foot.
We stayed up there for at least two hours.
We weren’t so confident with the new situation (actually Alberto was unusually calm, and it helped to live the circumstance more consciously). Still, we realized also how mighty is Nature. And not in the sense that Nature can be cruel or wicked toward us. Indeed it was an opportunity to make a choice: to abandon ourselves with clarity of mind to what was happened or try to go against Nature.
We chose the first option even because to try the second one, it appeared not so intelligent.

It started to rain, we could see some stars in the sky and to hear the sounds of the waves. We were conscious that we could have lost everything there was in our room.
The palm trees in front of us seemed so calm.
We tried to connect ourselves with our breath, to perceive the Earth, to try to get in contact with Her, to feel us as part of all this movement that is Life. A movement that the majority of the time, we want to dominate with so much ingratitude.
We started to reflect on all those times we become angry because “our” objects break, and all the times we appear indifferent if “our” relationships break up. Is this sound familiar? Furthermore, what exactly is “ours?”

We create on ourselves the illusion that we can possess humans, other living beings and objects from which we can depend on. Believing that it is the way to "gain" attention and love.
But look at Nature! Every form of Nature oozes independence, patience, authority, respect, wisdom, and perhaps because of these qualities, they are so connected to each other.

So since that moment, we remember to ourselves to be in contact with the Earth more deeply, and, even if we seem “freak,” it doesn’t matter. What people think is not what people are.
And it’s not healthy to do things on the base of what others think. It is a waste of time, and an offend toward the Life we have received.

To celebrate this new way (that is in continuous progress for us) to approach Nature and Life, we invite you to watch a video we made. “NATURAL CONNECTION” is a video where many parts of Nature, including the human body, meet each other in a dance.

Enjoy our video and let us know your impressions and your feelings by watching the video, leaving us a comment.
Did you ever have any particular experience with Nature?
How is your relationship with the planet you live in?

See you in the next article. 🙏🏽
Bye! 😊

Ehi! Giulia & Alberto here. 👋🏼
We decided to write articles that are connected to our music to let you go deep inside some of the adventures we live and that inspire our songs. 
It won't be a space to explain songs. A song couldn't be explained but just listened with the hearth and with an open mind.
Indeed, this Blog session is a way to create another connection with you by offering you the perspective from which we experience things. The invite is to not judge this with "right-wrong", "good-bad", "beautiful-horrible". Actually, the invite is not to judge at all, if it is possible.
If you can, it would be lovely if you try to read them with openness and check what kind of reflections and feelings they create in you.
And then, if you will want to share with us your sensations, you are welcome to leave us a comment. 😊

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