To enjoy the silence and the calm of Nature, now, is spontaneous; it is raw. It’s an experience that is become part of our ordinary life. We decided to do this #underthetreelivesession under a tree, indeed, not for a chance. In essence, it is the perfect place to share our music (RAW, is the song we have chosen to share with you this week) and dances in connection with Nature and with our emotions.
But it wasn’t always so easy for us, to feel this connection. And, again, thanks to the journey we have begun, we have had the opportunity to see with new eyes, how much we were going hurry, losing the voyage.

We were in the loop that, probably, many of you know: we had to get a goal, to bring at home some fantastic results within “the end of the year.” Of course, no problem to have some goals. But the thing was that we didn’t even know what kind of goal we wanted to gain! So it was just a mindset that made us lose a lot of energy.
Maybe because we tried to show that we can do something big in life to have external approval?
Let suppose that yes, external compliments are pleasurable for everyone, but: 

Is this help to be happy?

We tried to notice this not healthy “going fast” by observing the difficulty of listening to each other and the people around us. Or when we started a new project, we had focused only on the final goal, and we didn’t take care of the precious shades in the middle. And so, in the end, to act in this way it was less productive and unhealthy. It took away the breath. We started to move in a direction that was incoherence with who we are. The anxiety and the fear to not be enough were growing.
So, how to help ourselves to change this behavior?
The thing was to start to humbly discern between the suggestions we grew up with and the way we want to live our life.

Please stop now. You are going too fast.

We need to stop. To put attention to our breath in a way that helps us to be present. Present to our body and present to the world, to the lessons that Life gives to us.
The idea of “to stop,” making the most of us feel uncertain because we start to feel our emotions, to see our deep wounds, to face our limits, and this may make us angry. Angry with our past and with the “rules” with which we grew up that we find ourselves on and do not know how to get rid of it, thus ending up feeling disoriented in our life. So many contradictions that make us believe we are insecure and with the need to depend on something: a person, a relative, a mindset, an idea, a drug. And we think it is entirely reasonable to feel that way.
But we were born as children that are bound to become independent adults, not to stay infantile for the whole life. Adults with their own specificity and autonomy. Adults that can make their own choices in every aspect of life.

If we choose to slow down, we have the opportunity to cure our wounds, to face them, and express our emotional pain to transform it. We can focus on our breathe and become responsible for our lives, and for the person, we desire to grow. To let emerge who we are. We can stop to condemn the way things were gone and to change without waiting for external permission.
It takes time, okay. But with diligence, it is possible to change, to find our way. 
Diligence, for us, doesn’t mean rigidity; it means to be aware that if we want to change the way our life goes, we have to be that change. We can’t go back to the past and modify events as we like. Maybe this wouldn’t be the best alternative because it is thanks to what we lived that we are who we are now with the possibility of growing.
Of course, it is not always comfortable to see the sufferances we have in our hearth. Still, the fact is that the more we escape from them, the more they grow, becoming unbearable until making us selfish and struggling with Life. So it is up to us chose to take care and transform that wounds or make them conduct our events.
This awareness happens inside of us, as a sensation, and each one of us finds his/her personal way to get it. You don’t have to blindly believe in our words. The things that allow us to modify our perspective were (and still are) real experiences. Necessarily, you can’t be touched by something that you haven’t experienced, and that hasn’t created a “click” within you. 
It is subtle, but it makes the difference.

With our video “RAW, Under The Tree Live Session,” we hope to transmit you the importance, for us, to have slowed down, remembering that many times we need to stop and to breathe. We need to remember what we are doing here, and that is more healthy and enjoyable to do what we love, and need to do, instead of doing what is “better.” Because the world “better” doesn’t represent the same thing for everyone and risks to put us in a competitive (so in a mental) mood, instead of openness and raw way of feeling, thinking and acting.

RAW, Under The Tree Live Session

Thanks for reading us! 🙏🏽
See you! 😊

Ehi! Giulia & Alberto here. 👋🏼
We decided to write articles that are connected to our music to let you go deep inside some of the adventures we live and that inspire our songs.
It won't be a space to explain songs. A song couldn't be explained but just listened with the hearth and with an open mind.
Indeed, this Blog session is a way to create another connection with you by offering you the perspective from which we experience things. The invite is to not judge this with "right-wrong", "good-bad", "beautiful-horrible". Actually, the invite is not to judge at all, if it is possible.
If you can, it would be lovely if you try to read them with openness and check what kind of reflections and feelings they create in you.
And then, if you will want to share with us your sensations, you are welcome to leave us a comment. 😊

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