Where Am I Going?” is the title of one of our songs, and a few days ago, we made a live version of it, that we recorded under our loved pear tree.
The question “where am I going?” is an interrogative we asked many times in our life, and we believed to find the answer outside. In a bit of advice given from a third person, maybe in a post on some social media, in our passions, or by hoping that someone would have indicated us the way.

Thanks to this historical moment, particularly the quarantine experience we are living, we can recognize how much it is essential to move the gaze from outside to inside. Most of the time, we would want to run away instead of seeing our limits and pains.
If we are committed, instead, on take care of us for our wellness, we will become more aware and ready than before. More aware of who we are, and more prepared on living life based on our values. And not on other’s values, values that we chose to receive, in some way, but we never put in discussion to see if they are right for our essence.

Some days ago we were invited to an Italian webinar “L’Ora del Tรจ” (“Tea Time” in English) as guests, to speak about music, and dance. We talked about the immense benefit that those two marvelous arts can have in our ordinary life. For us, it was a very welcoming invite that we received with enthusiasm!
“L’Ora del Tรจ” is a format that Maria Gabriella Bardelli and Andrea Leone (two dear friends of ours) have invented. It is a daily appointment. The intention is to spread a message of serenity and trust regarding the quarantine moment we are experiencing.
During these online meetings, they speak about health, finance, education, energy, and healing. And the focus is: to accept we have the total responsibility of our life. In every aspect.
During our journey, in fact, we understood the importance of taking care of our life soon. Stopping to delegate our happiness, health, and financial situation to third people.

We want to make a recap for you that couldn’t participate in the webinar, letting you explore this world about body, music, and frequency. And we allow you also to know some practical “exercises” we shared that you can integrate into your daily life.
Don’t worry: you have not to be a dancer or a musician to do these “exercises.” More, it will be easy because we filmed some videos where we show you precisely what we propose to you.
Obviously, you will have all the freedom to transform the practices according to your needs.

Well! Let’s the music be with us!

During the online meeting “L’ora del Tรจ,” we started by playing one of our songs: “RUN,” (you can listen to it by clicking here) and we told the magical story that inspired us to write this song. It is a story that takes place on the island of Bali (Indonesia) in April 2018.
We invite you to read this article “RUN,” where we tell about this gorgeous experience we lived in Bali, so you can taste the spontaneity and preciousness of that experience.

At the beginning of our journey, we were mainly “obsessed” about how we can reach a lot of people with our music. Nothing wrong in this sharing impulse, but we did it with to much effort. And this lets us losing the essence of the journey.
Thanks to the participation of Nature, we experienced two weeks of an earthquake (here you can read the article where we tell about this so extraordinary and inspirational event). Since that moment, the frenzy and hurry to get “the solution,” no matter what, started to slow down. Letting the place to the listening.
Yes, because music is indeed something we hear “outside,” but it is also sure that it takes life inside of us.
Because music is communication, it is a possibility to express ourselves and to transform our emotions in frequencies that branch out all around the world, continuing their movement forever.
And, seeing as how music is something we listen to, at first, it’s time to share with you the first practice:

๐Ÿ’Ž Lie down or sit in a comfortable position and choose a song or an entire playlist (like this one that we created for you “Change your Mood“) and simply listen to it.
With or without headphones, the most important thing is that you only have your ears on without doing anything else. ๐Ÿ’Ž

We use to put music as a backdrop, when we are cooking, or to dance, and it is okay. Here, we desire to propose to you to do what music asks you to do for its Nature: to listen.
Maybe, this experience with music allows us to discover new aspects of what really means to listen. Both ourselves and the others. And when we learn how to listen to ourselves, we learn more and more the ability to be connected with our body and with the sensations we feel.
Into frenzy, it is difficult to listen, but in the calm, it happens spontaneously.
During our journey, we experienced it. When we had to get a solution in a hurry, our attention went to the mind, trying to find new strategies. But we were forgetting the most important thing, namely to address us to our heart and to ask what it was essential for It too.
Since that event (the earthquake), music and dance stopped to be two ways to pour out our emotions, and they became two qualities to incorporate and to use with kindness. Which is the connection with the earthquake event? Maybe you are asking yourself. It is if we say that as we couldn’t go against an earthquake, but perhaps it was wise to be connected with Nature and put ourselves in safe, even toward what we feel is like this. Instead of pouring out toward that angry, we can dialogue with it, comprehending where it comes from and transforming it in openness frequencies and words of possibilities

To be more connected with our heart that with the head, the 432Hz frequency helped us.
Maybe you know about this frequency or perhaps not. Without being too technical, it is a frequency with which a musical instrument is tuned. Contrary to 440Hz (the frequency of the most commercial music), 432Hz is a low frequency. Indeed it is also called the frequency of the heart.
According to our experience, we perceive this frequency, 432Hz, precisely in the area of the center of our body. This allowed us, even now, to play and sing with pleasure. And to be connected with our heart, instead of the mind, that calculates.
Although with this frequency, we compose all of our songs, we also love to experiment with something new, so we created a piece of perfect music for deep relaxation, “Rain.” You can download for free the musical track “Rain” by clicking here.
So here we are with the second practice:

๐Ÿ’Ž It is essential to listen to this music with headphones for the peculiar effect we created during the composition.
Lie down or sit comfortably and find a piece of time for you.
Someone loves to listen to this track before going to bed, others during the day. There isn’t the right moment.
The perfect moment is the moment you feel right for you.
Here the link where you can download for free the music “Rain.” ๐Ÿ’Ž

Now let’s say something about the body‘s practices. To thoroughly understand these practices, we thought it was better to create two short videos.

๐Ÿ’Ž The first practice is called “The Touch.”
It is an ideal practice to be done in pairs, wherein one person touches some points of the other’s body with a finger. In turn, the second person will spontaneously let a movement emerge, on the wave of the stimulus received. If you do not have the opportunity to do this practice in pairs, you can do it alone by recalling your power of imagination. You will imagine receiving stimuli in some parts of the body as if someone was really touching you, and you will indulge your movement.
Click here to see the video about how to do the practice “The Touch.” ๐Ÿ’Ž
๐Ÿ’Ž The second practice is an invite to the listening of your body to let it move freely and fluidly into space, being present to every gesture, without any control.
Click here to see the video of this second practice called “The Movement Of The Listening.” ๐Ÿ’Ž

A third practice that combines music and movement together is:

๐Ÿ’Ž To turn on the playlist “Change Your Mood,” which we prepared for you and dance!
You can do it whenever you want, particularly when you notice that in your home, there is some tension (maybe two kids are fighting, or two adults), and you feel the need to “change frequency.”
It will be a way to make a real change, to create movement, and come out from an awkward situation, with more energy. ๐Ÿ’Ž

So, now, “Where Are YOU Going?
Are you following your heart?

Thanks to having read us until here and for any doubts about these practices, you can get in touch with us, leaving us a comment or by writing us an email through this page. We will be happy to replay and help you.

Bye, and see you. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ

WHERE AM I GOING? Under The Tree Live Session
Ehi! Giulia & Alberto here. ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿผ
We decided to write articles that are connected to our music to let you go deep inside some of the adventures we live and that inspire our songs.
It won't be a space to explain songs. A song couldn't be explained but just listened with the hearth and with an open mind.
Indeed, this Blog session is a way to create another connection with you by offering you the perspective from which we experience things. The invite is to not judge this with "right-wrong", "good-bad", "beautiful-horrible". Actually, the invite is not to judge at all, if it is possible.
If you can, it would be lovely if you try to read them with openness and check what kind of reflections and feelings they create in you.
And then, if you will want to share with us your sensations, you are welcome to leave us a comment. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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